The Lord reigns!

The Lord reigns! – a sermon on Psalm 93 by Rev. Colin Pretorius.

If you drive a couple of hours south from Auckland you get to the Waitomo district. The most famous attraction of the area is the Waitomo caves. In addition to its soaring limestone caverns and rock formations, there’s also an underwater lake. And as you row your canoe or little boat along this lake, you get to see the thousands upon thousands of glow-worms which fill the caves with their luminescent light. It’s indeed an almost magical sight to behold. For us as Christians these rock formations and luminescent worms are illustrations of God’s creative powers. But even the brilliance of the thousands of light points in these caves is just a pinprick of the brilliance and majesty of our creator God. All human description of God’s majestic reign will be insufficient, but this psalm does give us some idea about the majesty of the Lord who reigns over all. It’s a psalm of God’s glorious, powerful, eternal, triumphant and truthful reign.

In verse1 we see that the Lord reigns with majesty and with power. Verse 2 tells us about His eternal reign. Verses 3 and 4 tell us about His triumphant reign and verse 5 speaks to us of His reign in truth.