All are welcome to our Sunday Evening Bible Study as we delve deeper into God’s Word. It’s amazing the new insights we see as we discuss how our Christian faith is held in God’s hand, how he works in our hearts and slowly moulds us into the building stones of His church. Currently we working through a study on Abraham, one of the Patriarch’s of the Faith where we will look at his amazing journey of faith.
When:  4.30pm on Sundays in the church hall.
For more information contact Colin Pretorius at 

This is Tivoli’s Youth Discipleship Class. At present we are working our way through the New City Catechism, which is the Heidelberg Catechism formatted in such a way to make it more suitable for teaching young people of this age group.

When:  Every Sunday morning, from 9:15 to ± 9:45, when we join the rest of the congregation for the service.

For more information contact Rachel Adams at 

Sunday School

The Sunday School – through a fun program of stories, craft and activities – teaches children from prep to grade 6 about God’s incredible gift of salvation through His Son Jesus. We also learn what it means to serve and follow Him in everyday life.
When:  Every Sunday morning, from 9:15 to ± 9:45, when we join the rest of the congregation for the service.
For more info, contact Gary Vowles at 

Join our group of ladies on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 onwards to share in each other’s happiness, laugh together, celebrate successes and help with problems. Small children are most welcome as we have a playroom with lots of toys for the little ones. Feel free to bring any craft of project you are working on or with which you need help. Or alternatively just bring yourself, put up your feet, relax, have a cuppa and enjoy good conversation.
When: Wednesday mornings, 9:00-12:00
For more info, please contact Maggie Pretorius at

A club for boys aged from 6 – 15 aiming to transform their lives to young men who walk with the Lord. What we do: everything that boys like! We build billy carts and race them down hills – we make boomerangs and throw them in parks while making heaps of noise. We go camping and play (responsibly!) with fire, even learning how to make fire without matches. Of course, with an eye to safety, they are led by three very old boys – Sean Dickson, Sam Gerber and Gary Vowles.
When:  Every second Friday evening during school terms, 7-9pm.
For more info, contact Gary Vowles at 

This is a ministry for girls in Grades 1-9, aiming to bring girls into a living relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Activities include Bible study, craft, games and learning practical skills.
When: Every second Friday evening during school terms, 7-9pm
Leaders: Marisa Strasser, Leanne de Vries and Rachel Adams.
For more information contact Marisa Strasser at