Redemption is at hand!

Redemption is at hand! – a sermon on Ruth 3 by Rev. Colin Pretorius

The bitter widow Naomi has returned to Bethlehem from Moab, bringing Ruth, her Moabite daughter-in-law, with her. Ruth has accepted Israel’s covenant God as her God, and she’s supported Naomi by collecting left-overs in the barley and wheat harvests. She’s been highly blessed by Boaz, who recognised that she looks towards God for her refuge and trusts in Him for her provision.

Chapter two told us that God is the God who plans. He’s the one who led Ruth to the field of Boaz. We saw that He’s the God who provides for those who seek their refuge in Him. He’s also the God of faithfulness, as we saw when Naomi started to realise that God was providing for them and filling up the emptiness in their lives.

But as chapter two draws to a close, the narrator reminds us that Ruth is still living with Naomi. It’s just a brief reminder, but also a glimpse into what was to come. We’re reminded that Ruth and Naomi are still poor widows but that there’s hope of a redeemer. This morning we’re looking then at the next instalment in this unfolding drama.

The key events in this chapter take place between sunset and sunrise, so we’re going to look at the text under the headings of Dusk, Darkness and Dawn:
• Verses 1-5 tell us what happens at home at dusk, when night starts falling;
• Verses 6-15 speak about the events that take place in the darkness at the threshing floor; &
• Verses 16-18 tell us what happens at dawn when Ruth returns home.
So Dusk, Darkness and Dawn.