Psalm 107:1-32 – Give thanks to God, our protector, redeemer, saviour and provider.

Give thanks to God, our protector, redeemer, saviour and provider – a sermon on Psalm 107:1-32 by Rev. Colin Pretorius.


11-and-a-half minutes. If you compare a year to an hour on a clock, that’s how many of the sixty minutes have already zipped by. Almost 20% of the year is gone. Before we know it, it will be Easter and by June we’ll need to have done our budget for the next year. Yes, time slips through our fingers like fine sand. And as a congregation we’ll be facing some uncertainty in the time ahead. The challenges may at times seem daunting. But even in the midst of uncertainty, we have the blessed assurance that the Lord is with us, just as He’s been in the past. And He will remain with us and in His loving grace He will continue to pour out His blessings on His people in this place.

How should we respond to such amazing loving-kindness? Over the next couple of months we’ll look at ways in which we as a congregation can use our God-given talents to glorify Him. We’ll start this morning by turning our attention to praising God with thanksgiving. This is also what the psalmist sets out to do in psalm 107.

We’ll look at just the first 32 verses of this hymn of thanksgiving, in which the psalmists instructs us to give thanks and gives us 4 reasons for such thanksgiving.

    • Verses 1-3 – Give thanks to God!
    • Verses 4-9 – Because He gives the wanderer a home.
    • Verses 10-16 – Because He sets the prisoner free.
    • Verses 17-22 – Because He delivers the foolish from destruction.
    • Verses 23-32 – Because He brings His people home.