Good disciples of Christ as ready and faithful slaves

Good disciples of Christ as ready and faithful slaves – a sermon by Rev. Colin Pretorius on Romans 6:15-23 and Luke 12:35-48.

The two passages we read this morning tell us about being followers of Jesus. Paul writes about becoming and being slaves of God. Luke, on the other hand, tells us about what being slaves of God looks like in practice, and this is especially applicable in the end times in which we live. So Paul portrays discipleship in terms of slavery, but Luke presents it as servanthood. Now those descriptions may seem contradictory at first glance, but as we make our way through these passages we’ll see that both tell us what it means to be good disciples. We’ll start by looking at what Paul means with being slaves of God. Then we’ll explore how Luke’s description gives us more insight into how being slaves of God flows out into living for God on a day to day basis. In the process we’ll see that these passages tell us at least three things about being good disciples:

• Good disciples are slaves to God
• Good disciples are ready
• Good disciples are faithful