Doing Good to All

Doing good to all – a sermon by Rev. Renier Noppers on Galatians 6, read by Br. Gary Vowles.

One of the most hurtful charges that could ever be made against any church is that we have consideration only of ourselves, meeting our own needs without any thought or regard for anyone else. To live and work with a selfish attitude is a great danger to the spiritual life of the church, a mockery to our own faith, and to Jesus who gave Himself so sacrificially for our salvation.

Worse, if we only look to ourselves, we lose the chance to mould the lives and hearts of men, women and children, who without Jesus are eternally damned. If we don’t care, if we are not practical in our serving Jesus, why should anyone want to know Him through us?

So, have we become a church so associated with middle-class respectability, that we have no room for the poor, the sick, the social outcasts? Do we exist merely each week for our pay checks, nice cars, and comfy homes, busting our guts to inherit every conceivable possession here on earth? To attend here each Sunday for the social benefits looking forward to the promises of a vague heaven after this life? Let us all pray that we are better than this.

But, to use the words of Galatians 6: Are we growing weary in doing good?